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Sachin Tendulkar, the "god" of cricket, bows out

Sachin Tendulkar, the “god” of cricket, bows out

The most prolific player in the history of cricket plays from Thursday his last test match. A resounding announcement in India, in adulation to the prowess of this living legend.

India on Thursday greeted with emotion the retirement of its cricket legend, Sachin Tendulkar, who is playing against the West Indies in his 200th and last international test match after almost 25 years of international career. Tributes pour in after Tendulkar’s retirement announcement a month ago to salute the exceptional career of “The Little Master”. Tendulkar has accumulated records. For example, he is the only cricketer to have scored more than 100 “centuries” – the century equivalent to 100 points scored by the batter in the same heat – in an international match.

Years “marked by some of the most trying, exciting, poignant and memorable moments in my life,” he said. “The game has undergone so much change in the last 20 years – technological advancements, new formats – and yet the spirit and passion of the game have remained the same,” he writes in the front page of the Hindustan Times daily. Many fans expressed disappointment with the limited availability of seats for the public for this test, only 5000 of the 32,000 at the stadium, the rest being reserved for sponsors and VIPs. He played his first international match at 16 against Pakistan in November 1989 and has played more international tests than any other cricketer. One of the highest paid athletes in the world, he is also a member of the upper house of parliament. Last year, the World published the portrait of Tendulkar on the occasion of the Twenty20 Cricket World Cup.

Cricket: Australia in shock after the death of one of its hopes

Cricket: Australia in shock after the death of one of its hopes

The announcement of the death of Australian player Philip Hugues, hit in the neck in the middle of a match, is causing immense emotion in this cricket-loving nation.

For forty-eight hours, images have been looping on Australian television channels: Phillip Hughes in position, bat in hand, then wobbles, only to finally collapse on the ground. The cricketer, who would have turned 26 on November 30, did not wake up: he died Thursday afternoon in a Sydney hospital.

Phillip Hughes was struck in the neck by the bullet, whose speed can reach 150 km / h. The helmet was not enough to protect it. An artery ruptured, causing a brain hemorrhage, said a doctor. A “very rare” accident , repeated the world of cricket. “The word” tragedy “is used incorrectly in sport, but there, this exceptional accident is indeed a tragedy,” said the voice strangled by emotion, the head of the federation James Sutherland, in a press conference at Saint-Vincent Hospital in Sydney. “He was a rising star and, without a doubt, his best years were still ahead of him”, he continued. Cricketers paraded at Phillip Hughes’ bedside, while many journalists were posted outside the hospital.

Cricket is a very popular sport in Australia and Phillip Hughes was a talented and popular face. The flags of New South Wales, the eastern state of Australia, where the player grew up, were flown at half-mast in front of the official buildings. In Canberra, the sitting in Parliament was interrupted to announce the sad news. Prime Minister Tony Abbott spoke to note that the death of Phillip Hughes had “moved millions of Australians.” “He was a young man who made his dreams come true. It is a very sad day for cricket, “ insisted the head of government.

Three suspected Pakistani cricketers in a match-fixing case

Three suspected Pakistani cricketers in a match-fixing case

The three Pakistanis are suspected of being involved in a match-fixing case against England and will appear in Doha before an anti-corruption tribunal of the International Cricket Federation (ICC).

The three Pakistani cricketers suspected of being involved in a match-fixing case against England will appear in Doha from January 6 to 11 before the International Cricket Federation (ICC) anti-corruption tribunal. The three judges of the court could impose a suspension ranging from five years to a ban on the competition for life if their guilt was proven.

The three players concerned, the former captain of the Pakistani team Salman Butt, as well as the pitchers Mohammad Aamer and Mohammad Asif, had their contracts suspended by the Pakistani federation after these accusations of rigged matches. They had also been provisionally suspended by the ICC. The players are suspected of having deliberately missed several game actions during an England-Pakistan meeting on August 22 in London to promote a betting organization, during the tour of the Pakistani team. They had been heard by the British police but no charges had been brought against them.

Aamer is confident about the judges’ decision. “My lawyer has put the case together and with the prayers of millions of supporters, I hope the decision will be in our favor,” he said in Doha on Tuesday. “It is a nightmare for me, the most difficult ordeal of my life, but I am confident in my capacity to overcome these difficulties” , reacted Salman Butt.

In Pakistan, the revenge of cricket "Imran Khan"

In Pakistan, the revenge of cricket “Imran Khan”

The ex-star of cricket, a blood with the temperament of rock star, proclaimed his victory in the general elections. His opponents denounce fraud.

Now he’s putting on his statesman costume. In proclaiming his victory in the Pakistani general elections on Thursday July 26, before the official results were even announced, Imran Khan made a calm, accommodating speech.

The country’s liberals, still in shock, appreciated. Mr. Khan, the bloodthirsty rock star, did not protrude against the “mafias” of his opponents, those who coldly despised him for twenty years. The Sharif, the Bhutto, those “corrupt” political families whom the ex-cricket star deems responsible for all the evils of Pakistan. He put them in the polls the day before. He will try to have them sued, that’s understood. But he promises to make room for their grievances.

These grievances are serious. His opponents denounced systematic manipulations against them, on the part of the army, during the campaign and then on the night of the counting of the votes. They bluntly accuse the latter of plunging the country back into authoritarianism, by sheltering behind Mr. Khan, and taking advantage of the disgust of the urban middle classes for their established political class. The army denounced a “malicious propaganda” operation .

The Pakistan-Nawaz Muslim League (PML-N) of ex-Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, imprisoned in July in a corruption case, refused before dawn Thursday, the result of the polls. But what can she hope for? The League is a party of prominent opportunists, not street activists. His warnings sound hollow, for the time being. As for Mr. Khan, he has long denied that he is the favorite of the military. And if he has been able to shake PML-N for months, he owes it first to his own metamorphosis.